“Meaningful and actionable insights covering the full payments industry landscape informed by experienced partners”

From consumer and commercial payment card issuance to merchant acquiring to emerging payment technologies, the partners at McGovern Smith Advisors support their client’s strategic as well as tactical needs in insightful and efficient ways.

With a minimum of 20 years of payments industry experience each, the partners at McGovern Smith Advisors have both the knowledge and practical experience to assist their clients with even the most complicated challenges, whether they entail strategic dilemmas, operational needs or partnership development/rejuvenation.

In 2017 McGovern Smith Advisors helped:

A Marketplace Consumer Lender…

A marketplace consumer lender develop an outsourced operating infrastructure to support entry into the consumer credit card issuing business

A Major Canadian Industry Trade Group…

A major Canadian industry trade group find, negotiate and sign a partnership arrangement allowing its members to profitably issue consumer credit cards

An Alternative Lender…

An alternative lender develop an outsourced infrastructure to support entering the unsecured consumer lending business

A Medical Payment Provider:

A medical payment provider identify and select processing and servicing partners to develop and launch an innovative medical payment offering combining insurance settlements with uncovered expenses in a single statement

A New Startup Payment Provider…

A new startup payment provider to develop and refine its offering in order to identify and contract with a credit card issuing partner

A Commercial Card Issuer…

A commercial card issuer identify, negotiate, and implement a new processing, brand, and card management technology platform


Bill Westervelt

Managing Partner
Brian M.

Brian McCutcheon


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Jeff Tassey


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Paul Tomasofsky


Scott Reaser


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