About Us

McGovern Smith Advisors LLC is a leading payments industry advisory firm whose goal is to develop and implement strategies and related tactics for transitioning our clients’ businesses in the face of emerging technologies, increasing regulation, changing demographics and ever intensifying competition. The McGovern Smith team is comprised of veteran payments industry operators and consultants who have worked together for many years. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our many and varied clients.

McGovern Smith offers strategic and tactical insights and advice to clients with respect to all forms of financial services and payment cards (debit, credit, commercial and prepaid) as well as merchant acquiring and emerging payment formats such as mobile and internet-based payment solutions. Our clients include payment card issuers, service providers, technology companies, payment networks, emerging payment companies and many others.

Key strengths and capabilities at McGovern Smith include all team members with 20, 25, 30 or more years of operating and consulting experience in the payments space with an emphasis on the credit, debit, prepaid, commercial card and merchant acquiring industries, including all aspects of card issuing and merchant acquiring (e.g., technology, payment networks, risk management and compliance, marketing and product development, operational support and more). McGovern Smith also has deep knowledge and understanding of the strategic and operational issues challenging payment providers today, including advanced technologies (e.g., mobile, tokenization), new entrants and competitors (e.g., PayPal, Amazon, Google, Square, Level Up, Lending Club, Prosper, etc.), and new regulations. We believe our model is unique and compelling and drives optimal value for our clients.

Key Services

We approach all our engagements by embracing the core principles of:

Active Listening

We approach every engagement with an open and curious mind. We do not presume to know the answer to a client’s issues before we learn all we can about the topics at hand. We don’t simply wait for our turn to talk and then offer a “boilerplate” solution to a client’s issue. We listen, we think, and then we interact with our clients to ensure that the best possible result is achieved


While our firm is only a few years old, our partners all have 20 or more years of experience in their respective fields of expertise. We bring this experience, and the related insights it provides, to every engagement we support


Every partner at McGovern Smith Advisors provides the benefit of their experience and insights in a straight-forward, open, confidential and honest manner. We understand our role is to help our clients achieve their goals and that this can only be accomplished when clients are comfortable that their shared information will remain protected and confidential, thus enabling them to both share and receive valuable information and insights in an open and honest exchange of ideas


McGovern Smith works closely with its clients to ensure that all information needed to develop the best solution possible is gathered, understood and incorporated as appropriate. We view ourselves as part of the client team, not apart from the very people who engaged us.

Implementable Solutions

We endeavor to ensure that anything we recommend to a client is something they can implement with, to the extent possible, a minimum of disruption to current operations and strategies.


McGovern Smith Advisors strives to “think outside the box” when approaching engagements to provide clients with creative, unique and actionable solutions. As General George S. Patton once said, “If everyone is thinking alike then someone isn’t thinking”. We think on behalf of our clients.